Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Friends (and people in group therapy) have said to me for years that I really should write a book. I wonder how many books have been started with that line? I've never written anything other than the kind of prose to get through a tough time. Well, wait, I forgot about my psychiatrist having me journal. Ha, imagine that. The title of my biography says it all.

I'm trying to figure out how to share my more than average life, and have a tendency to want to list the highlights. Maybe then, I can put them in some kind of order. Just to begin, influence of parents and their parents being poor, mental illness, alcoholism, Bipolar, divorce, dysfunctional family maternal and paternal (who's isn't,right), the jokes about West Virginia people marrying their kin. Ummm yup. Achieving Upper mgmt. HS education. On being left-handed. A tomboy. I could keep going but I just realized that if I do, you'll think you have already read my life summed up and that's just a little of it. I've not mentioned siblings, marriages,affairs and one night stands. still interesting?

It's hard telling when I might post again, but I am at least getting started. I believe it has taken the death of an amazing young woman in my family to put me in motion. Oh, that reminds me of a story about lung transplants...... told ya. I hope you'll visit again. I've been amazed at how many of you have already peeked in. That makes me happy to know that people really do care. Or else look for juicy stories. LOL. I'm sorry. I am going to do my BEST to not use text junk. I do love proper English, although a lot of my skill with it has gone from exceptional to average due to reasons beyond my control. There's a little more to interest you. This is where I would normally have put a cute smiley. ha!

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